The ASCA acts as a non-partisan independent body funded by industry. The ASCA canvases and represents the views of business, workers and Australian taxpayers and aims to achieve its objects by commissioning and publishing new scientific research by well-regarded universities and agencies, by revealing facts and new information to stimulate debate and by proposing policy initiatives to government, to parliamentary committees and the commentariat.

ASCA works to:

  • Research and Science. Seek funding to conduct and publish cutting-edge scientific research by well-regarded universities or experts on Australian sovereign capability for public release.
  • Public Debate. Inform industry, the media and broader public through a website, blog, social media, editorials in newspapers and industry journals and through conducting surveys and polls to gauge public and industry opinion.
  • Make the Case for Change. Engage with Government Inquiries, Parliamentary Committees, Conventions and Seminars, ‘Think Tanks’ and related bodies to argue the case for greater sovereign capability.
  • Events. If supported adequately by industry, hold functions, conferences, seminars and meetings across the country to promote the objects of ASCI.


ASCA will only succeed if industry supports further research funding. Separate university research is needed on each of the five principal industries of concern: defence and space. Health, energy and infrastructure, science communications and technology and advanced manufacturing.

Contributions made by entities towards funding research are confidential and are likely to be tax deductible. Interested parties should make contact for further information.