Martin is involved in association with others, in promoting independent political thinking, high standards of public policy debate and the cooperation and exchange of information and ideas between politicians and the public in the best interests of the people of the state and Australia. This effort aims to encourage adherence to a code of ethics for those working in or otherwise engaged in politics and may from to time to time support the election or re-election of federal, state or local government candidates who support independent political thought and who prioritise the national interest in public life.

Politics and members of parliament need to serve the national interest not partisan or factional interests. The political parties which have come to dominate Australian politics at the national and state level work best when they prioritise what’s best for the country and its people. The major political parties and are at their worst when decisions are determined based on partisan point scoring, opposing good ideas for the sake of it or winning a policy or electoral contest at any price. The use of upper houses of parliament to block or amend government budgets or legislation for partisan gain is anathema to good government in the public interest. Independent MPs should respect the will of the majority by working constructively with the popularly elected government and the opposition in a way which prioritises stability, order and the national interest, not partisan outcomes.