CyberSecurity Connect – Building sovereign resilience into Australian technology supply chains

Jason Van der Schyff, COO of technology company SoftIron, explains how Australia can build sovereign resilience into its critical technology infrastructure. Australian supply chains, and the IT technology “stacks” on which they rely, are increasingly becoming a target for cyberattacks that aim to exploit the vertical to gain access to sensitive data, systems and devices.…

Local battery industry a no-brainer, urgent review needed

A report by industrial manufacturing experts has concluded Australia needs an urgent 100-day review of its supply chains to identify gaps in sovereign manufacturing capabilities because economic opportunities are going begging in areas that include battery mineral value-adding. See the full article on the Australian Financial Review:

Report: manufacturing self-sufficiency levels leave us “precariously dependent” – AUManufacturing

A new report carried out by Flinders University researchers for the Australian Sovereign Capability Alliance has said the nation lacks a proper national strategy around capability, and recommends a 100-day review of supply chains. See the full article on the AUManufacturing website here:

COVID exposed Australia’s industrial weakness

Australia’s capacity to manufacture essential goods is the lowest in the developed world, a new report shows. The report, into Australia’s sovereign capability, shows how the arrival of COVID-19 exposed manufacture and supply problems caused by almost thirty years of deindustrialisation. The report, by the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, and commissioned by the recently formed…

Op-Ed: Sustaining sovereign innovation for Australia’s cyber-physical interests – Defence Connect

The last month or so has seen unprecedented levels of focus and interest in Australia’s approach to cyber security and the trust we place in data, digital infrastructures and interconnected value and supply chains. Sustaining that is critical to national security, explain Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, and Alex Scandurra, CEO of Stone & Chalk. Click here to read this…