Govt finally backs sovereign cloud capability – InnovationAus

Foreign cloud companies such as Amazon and Microsoft would be restricted from handling certain government data sets as part of a new government plan following concerns over the security of COVIDSafe data. Click here to read this article on InnovationAus – Govt finally backs sovereign cloud capability

Digital trust and sovereign cyber capability – InnovationAus

For a government that has turned its attention to sovereign capability and supply chain issues in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, industry growth centre AustCyber has come up with some research that will make its hair curl. Click here to read this article on InnovationAus Digital trust and sovereign cyber capability

The Strategist – A super approach to solving Australia’s fuel storage woes?

While Energy Minister Angus Taylor has highlighted that Australia’s ‘supply chain resilience has meant that during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not faced shortages’, he, and the government more broadly, have also acknowledged that Australia needs to improve its resilience. Click here to read this article on ASPI – The Australian Strategic Policy Institute – A super…

Criticality of Sovereign AI Capability for Australian Defence – Defence Connect

Promoted by Penten AI Led Military Advantage  Future conflict is likely to see vast numbers of sensors feeding commanders rapidly changing updates about force disposition, soldier health, adversary activity, logistics consumption and multi-spectral observations. This data, when overlaid against the shifting mission objective, creates a decision environment characterised by too much information to ingest and act on in near real…

How we are helping to grow the workforce behind the Defence force – The Department of Defence

Implementing a continuous naval shipbuilding program, all built in Australia. Significantly enhancing our capabilities in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space, electronic warfare and cyber. Building our next generation of armoured fighting vehicles and protected mobility vehicles. Click here to read this article on the Department of Defence website – Business and Industry

An Australian naval shipbuilding sovereign capability – Report

5.1        The Coalition government’s naval shipbuilding plan, published in May 2017, reiterated its commitment to developing an Australian naval shipbuilding sovereign capability: The Government is investing in a sovereign naval shipbuilding and sustainment capability for the long-term, with the firm belief that as a nation we are up to this challenge.[1] Click here to read…